Frequently Asked Questions

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. Instead of using the traditional satellite or cable method of broadcasting, IPTV uses the internet directly to provide you internet services.

Aside from the cheap prices of subscriptions, IPTV promises the same services as all the other broadcasting methods, plus more interesting features.

With IPTV, you only need a fast internet connection and a compatible device.

First, you need to establish having an internet speed that is no less than 4mb/s. After that, you need to figure out what device is more suitable for you that is compatible with IPTV.

Easy, all you need to do is click on this website, you’ll figure it out right away. http://www.speedtest.net/

Remember that a minimum of 4.0 Mbps is required for smooth quality.

Of course, you can. Do you have an internet connection in your lovely apartment? Yeah, you can totally enjoy the best of your IPTV. In fact, as long as you have a power source and internet connection, you may use IPTV in the middle of the desert.

IPTV is your best and most pocket-friendly choice, wherever you go.

After you check your internet and make sure everything is going all right from that part. You might want to reboot the device or the router. Also, keep in mind that one subscription can only be logged on from a single device.

Everyone from all over the world can have IPTV. Just get fast internet and a compatible device, and you’re all set to have an IPTV subscription.

Unfortunately, you cannot log in from multiple devices and watch at the same time. You can do it one device at a time.

You can pay with your Credit Card, PayPal, and PayPal Credit/Debit Cart… We use a secure channel. If none of the previous methods suit you, contact us.

The moment you receive the activation credentials in an e-mail, the subscription is activated.

  • Make sure the activation details that you entered are correct.
  • Reboot the device and the router to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  • Make sure that the other devices in your house are not consuming too much internet.
  • Your internet speed has to be more than 4mb/s. The latter being the minimum requirement.
  • Use Ethernet (LAN) connection instead of WIFI.
  • Go to www.whatismyip.com using a computer to get your IP Address. Send it to us for restoration.
  • Check for updates to keep your device always on the date.
  • Check the speed of your IPTV device.
  • Check if there are any ISP problems in the region where you lives using, downdetector.co.uk
  • Uninstall and reinstall to make sure everything goes well. Don’t worry, you won’t lose your activation.

At Universat IPTV we make sure that everything goes well. But there are things that you should keep in mind.

So, if you’ve got a channel that isn’t working, you must follow these guidelines ASAP, so we can fix it for you.

  • Give the channel some minutes. It might be a temporary error.
  • If the problem is happening on all channels, it’s probably an internet problem such as we’ve discussed above.
  • Connect using Ethernet (LAN) to make sure everything goes well.


If the channel you watch suddenly stops, change to another one quickly and return to the first channel. It’s a recurring problem that happens due to software and transmission issues.


You might have buffering issues as a consequence of poor internet. To avoid this problem, make sure that other devices in the house are not taking too much internet. This also happens as a consequence of connecting through WIFI.

To resolve the problem once and for all, make sure that your IPTV device receives the required bandwidth through connecting it by Ethernet (LAN).

Also, try to pause for 10-10secs; it’s an easy solution, but it’s not permanent.


If you use IPTV Boxes like MAG and AVOV (or similar ones), you will have to reset it after we install our service.

If you have Kodi, clear the cash or reinstall it to resolve the problem.


This problem happens due to decoder setting problems.

The resolve this problem, you should follow these steps.

  1. Go to the settings in your device/app/program
  2. Choose Native for the decoder.
  3. Finally, restart.

We cannot guarantee that every channel will work as smoothly as you want it. Some of the issues are out of our control. These issues are related to individual channels.

To make sure that your M3U link is working finely, use the VLC player on your computer to see if it’s working there. If the link is working on VLC, then it’s a problem from your end. Make sure to enter it correctly. Contact us for further inquiries.

Make sure you’re not logged in from another device, using this link. Send your IP to us and we will restore your account. Remember that one subscription is only working for one device.

We restore the subscription only twice. If you’re banned, contact us.

*If you keep abusing our trust, we will ban you permanently.


  • Make sure to provide us with the exact MAC address.
  • Make sure your internet meets the minimum requirements of 4mp/s.
  • Connect using Ethernet (LAN).
  • Maybe you have a low-end device that cannot handle the high-quality streams.
  • If you use an STB emulator make sure to follow the proper steps of setting the Android emulator.
  • If you use an STB emulator, clear the cash and restart.
  • If you use the MAG box, restart it.
  • Try to reset your device to factory mode and reset it.
  • Double-check the server portals we sent you in the activation email.

Providing the service to you costs us. That’s why we have no refunds with our policy.

If you’re not sure you want to buy, contact us first.

Also, try the 24h free trial to test if you want the full subscription or not.

You can do the free trial to see by yourself the list of channels. We have a wholesome list of channels that will satisfy every member of the family.

The list changes from time to time, either adding or subtracting from the list.

Yes, we have a reseller program. Please check or contact us.

Thanks to the internet and the IP networks, we can provide high-quality content. From our end, the quality is always high. If it’s not, it’s probably a problem with slow internet from your end.

The list of devices that use IPTV is nearly endless. Just take a look at the market, and you’ll finally find one, or most likely, you already have one.

The list includes Smart TVs, Kodi, Vu+, DreamBox, Apple products, PCs, Enigma, Android devices…, which are all compatible with our service.

You can definitely do that. All you need is to download the apps from the Appstore that Smart TVs have.

An Android TV box is hardware that uses Android OS, which allows you to install many apps.

Although WIFI can work just as good enough, Ethernet (LAN) is always better for high performance.

It’s an internet-related problem. Try to pause for 15secs.

Previously known as XBMC, Kodi is a free, open-source media player software, developed by a nonprofit tech group. Kodi functions like a TV. Visit Kodi.tv for details.

Just download XBMC Remote on your Smartphone to have that experience.