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–TIP: If you are in Spain, change the URL to:
http://sabuczy.xyz:8080 or http://vhaabyx.xyz:8080
Second, if you are in the UK or Italy, we provide multiple domain names, you don’t have to worry about your country blocking your IPTV, we can change the domain name for you anytime.

–DATOO Livego supports all popular devices and apps

Such as android ios mag linux enigma 2 devices,m3u,iptv smarters pro,smart iptv…

DATOO IPTV 1 year Subscription:

1. Rated “World iptv” with access to most French and global channels.
Best-selling Nordic countries, such as: Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, etc.

2. French 4K, 3D, Full HD, HD, SD and H.265/HEVC.
(1) The so-called standard definition means that “standard definition” is a video format with a physical resolution lower than 720p.
So in terms of standard definition, it refers to video formats such as VCD, DVD, cable TV, etc.
Resolution is around 400 lines (usually 480p).
(2) Regarding high-definition standards, there are two internationally recognized standards:
The vertical resolution of the video exceeds 720p or 1080i (p stands for progressive scan, i stands for interlaced scan, the concept is basically the same as CRT TV),
The video aspect ratio is 16:9. We already have an intuitive understanding of vertical resolution.
The so-called aspect ratio is actually the “aspect ratio” of the video screen. If represented as a rectangle, it must have an aspect ratio of 16:9 – also known as “widescreen” or “widescreen”.
According to this ratio, the resolution of 720p must be at least 1280X720 to meet the requirements of 16:9, so this is the standard resolution of 720p.
(3) “Full HD 1080” has become the top specification of LCD TV HD.
The so-called Full HD (Full HD) refers to the physical resolution of up to 1920X1080 progressive scan, that is, 1080p, which is the top specification of high-definition, so it is called “full HD”.
Obviously, 1080p has more advantages in resolution,
Because the data information is more abundant in the transmission process, especially for large-screen TVs, 1080p can guarantee a clearer picture quality.
(4) Bandwidth crisis, H.265 rescue, H.265 is also called HEVC, theoretically H.265 is 30-50% more efficient than H.264 (especially in the case of higher resolution)
(5) The resolution of 4K is 4 times that of traditional full HD, and the color, fineness and sharpness are significantly improved.
(6) 3D technology allows you to be in the scene and feel the same way.

2. 14,800+ Live Channels, 14,300+ Movies and TV Shows (VOD),
Includes full French sports channels, popular TV series, thrillers, wars, popular series, news, kids, anime, music and more.
Also includes box office (daily movie channel, news updates, daily auto-play of the day’s recommended video sources so you don’t get confused about what to watch)

3. Three-day playback function
(If you have seen a satisfactory movie, but time does not allow you to finish it, watch it again after get off work or when you have time)

4. Special streaming for IPTV (28Fps).
HEVC gives you smooth playback
(downloads below 1.8mb/s can be played on 1080P channels)

5. 7*24 hours and special technical team support. more stable

6. Do not try to subscribe to multiple devices at the same time, otherwise the server will be banned.

7. Provide free 24-hour test code

8. Welcome to become a distributor.

9. Good after-sales service and technical support
Fast and stable servers, so you won’t experience lag when playing sports channels,
Customers rate this DATOO IPTV highly.

– About the dealer?

1. Provide distributor Vpanel
2. IPTV distributor Vpanel is very professional, scientific and efficient.
3. Activation code and customer management are convenient, don’t worry about the management problems caused by the increase in the number of customers.
4. We also uploaded Vpanel video tutorials on Youtube, it is easy to get started.
5. The dealer panel provides more than 5 pieces per year.
6. One year MOQ of 100 admin panels will be provided.

Note: Please select your device when testing, we will send the order code within 24 hours. if Saturday and Sunday

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