Universat Iptv only provides the best IPTV subscriptions to its customers. LXtream IPTV is one of the most reliable and affordable IPTV subscriptions in the world. With the LXtream IPTV subscription, you get access to more than 7,000 live TV channels that broadcast everything you need from sports to news and other programs. Alongside the live TV service, the LXtream IPTV subscription gives you access to a huge library of video on demand where you can find all the greatest movies and TV series in the world. There are more than 6,000 movies and series episodes that you can navigate across. The lists are updated occasionally to make things always fresh. And of course, there are many classic works found there.

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LXtream IPTV subscription

LXtream IPTV subscription is an IPTV service that guarantees access to more than 7,000 live TV channels and over 6,000 videos on demand. Along with those two services, there’s a time-shift option. The quality of LXtream IPTV is always stable and at its best. If you’re a fan of sports like football, LXtream IPTV is much recommended. You’ll enjoy the season very well with the 12-month subscription.

LXtream IPTV subscription is for the whole family. Everyone will be entertained equally. There is a huge variety in the international channels. And the video on demand library is always packed with great movies and episodes if you’re into binge-watching.

We are very proud to introduce LXtream IPTV subscription and we’re highly recommending it to our clients.     

LXtream IPTV App for android

The LXtream IPTV app is available for Android OS devices, especially Android Boxes. You may easily download the app directly from Play Store.

Once you download the app, you’ll need to log in using a code, that’s where you need an IPTV subscription.


Smart TVs are the best devices to log into your IPTV subscription because of the widescreen.

If you want to access your subscription from a SmartTV, you can contact us. We will explain all the details. Feel free to ask us all the questions you have.


More info about LXtream IPTV subscription:

  • LXtream IPTV subscription is a great IPTV service. Built upon stable servers that always get great reviews from the customers, we’re very proud of the stability of LXtream IPTV. Our service is also supported worldwide.
  • The LXtream app works on various devices found in the market such as Android devices, Magbox, Enigma2, Apple products, Personal Computer, and Smart TVs. LXtream app is designed for compatibility with many types of screens.
  • The Lxtream IPTV subscription gives you access to channels worldwide channel including European countries such as France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, and Portugal, along with the Middle East, Turkey, and Morocco… LXtream IPTV subscription offers various types of live channels that broadcast popular shows, sports, and news.
  • The LXtream IPTV subscription also provides a library of videos on demand of more than 6,000 videos that you can access as you please.
  • We only provide the subscription with nothing else. No devices are included with the LXtream IPTV subscription.
  • To enjoy the LXtream subscription at its best, without facing buffering issues, you must have a bandwidth of no less than 8 Mbit/s. HD channels and video on demand need fast internet. Also, make sure to connect using Ethernet instead of WIFI. Ethernet is more stable than WIFI. If the services start to buffer, pause for 15 seconds, and play again. Sometimes the internet slows down when many devices are connected to the same router. In case you want to do an Internet speed check you can do it on this website.
  • The date of validity starts from the moment you start using LXtream IPTV. Your IPTV subscription will expire exactly twelve months after the first usage.
  • In case you need any to know anything about the subscription, or if you face any problems, please feel free to contact customer support. We are available always and we answer you as soon as possible.

Prohibition rules of LXtream IPTV subscription.

You mustn’t connect using more than one device with a single subscription. If someone tries to do connect using multiple devices, he/she will get banned from the service without refunds.

If you’re caught trying to invade the LXtream IPTV server one way or another, you’ll get banned from the LXtream service.

Do not share any TV programs, or videos from the LXtream IPTV subscription in other media, otherwise you’ll get banned.

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